Precious Metal Recycling and Scrap

The Value of Gold and Why It Is Recycled

Gold has been one of the earliest known precious metals to humanity and has been valued by many cultures and civilizations from every corner of the world. It's unique physical properties such as corrosion resistance, malleability, and electrical conductivity make it an ideal element that can be used in numerous types of industries. From applications in technology, medicine, jewelry, and even food -- it's no wonder that there is so much demand for the metal. Being such a rare and valuable material, it is important to recover as much of it as possible whether during the manufacturing process or at the end of the life cycle of jewelry when it is unfortunately damaged beyond repair. Recycling and reusing gold while maintaining its pristine quality through advanced modern refining techniques helps reduce the footprint on the planet by reduced need in mining for the mineral. 


If you are interested in bringing your unwanted fine jewelry for either cash or store credit towards a new purchase you may do so by visiting our location and have one of our specialists to evaluate your jewelry in order to provide a quote. Once agreed to sell / trade-in your second-hand jewelry you'll need to provide a valid US government issued photo ID for online record keeping ( for Law Enforcement purposes.