Jewelry Repair and Restoration Services

Repair, Renew and Restoration - Bringing Life Back to Your Precious Jewelry

Unfortunately fine jewelry isn't completely indestructible and gold is a soft metal. Although the utmost care is taken, accidents can still happen and repairs would be needed in order to make the jewelry wearable again. At Lucky Diamond we take great pride in our restoration work as much as our custom production work. We know that jewelry holds a lot of sentimental value to its owner and we care deeply about our customers as well as their jewelry even when it's not made by us.

We offer a an all encompassing menu of restoration services done by expert bench jewelers and of course with Playboi Charlie leading the team. We can repair, resize, and restore your jewelry to its like-new or even original condition. We are also able to enhance and/or alter or tailor the look of your jewelry to your liking. Some brief examples of services we provide include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Cleaning
  • Polishing
  • Re-finishing
  • Electroplating/Dipping (Rhodium, Silver, and Gold)
  • General Jewelry Repair
  • Resizing
  • Soldering / Welding
  • Stonesetting
  • Watch Battery Replacement
  • Watch Repair

Repair completion times will depend on a number factors such as the complexity of the piece and the work required, current job volume, etc. If your jewelry is eligible, we recommend allowing at least 2 hours of wait time for most repair work if you want same-day service of for your jewelry. In most cases, we would provide the average time of completion during evaluation of the jewelry and a quote for the service. Once your order is accepted, you'll be issued an in-store ticket that contains your order information. Please be sure to record the order number or take a picture of your ticket in case it's lost. We don't currently keep electronic records of in-store orders so having your order information readily available will help us track down your order.