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The iconic grill emerged in the 1980s during hip-hip's fledgling years. The much simpler designs of yesteryear have evolved in intricacy as the jewelry industry made gradual improvements to its methods. For 25 years, Lucky Diamond has been at the forefront of custom jewelry design; grills were no exception. From a single cap to a mouthful of gold and diamonds— Lucky Diamond has made them all. Most recently, grillz have been experiencing a revival and has become more mainstream with its more subtle and elegant designs. 
Our Custom Grills— a word from us.
As a warning: these aren't those flimsy, generic, one-size-fits-all kind of grills— they are made to order; custom tailored to the wearer. They will fit only the client they were designed for. Ever seen a crime show episode where they try to match the dental profile of a body to dental records of missing people? Well, turns out that's a tried and true method; a person's dental profile is unique like his or her DNA. In the name of extravagance and quality, we make our grills thicker and durable to differentiate them from those of our competition. Just a forewarning to those that like to lend their Netflix passwords. If you lend that shiny smile to your broke ass friends, chances are that they'll end up with with a nasty frown instead— from that dentist bill they got repairing the teeth they chipped trying to force your grill on. Like all quality crafted personalized jewelry, custom grills are made with the highest attention to detail and artisanship. Our grills start at $100 (single plain silver caps) and go up from there. Get your teeth done right. Here. Without a middleman. Proudly made in New York. All our grillz come with a "Fit-guarantee" which means we make sure they fit perfectly and can be worn comfortably before you pick up the finished product. Any polishing or re-finishing or minor adjustments later on would be a small fee.

"Required information & important things to consider when placing your order with us:

1) Upper or Lower teeth? (Tops/Bottoms)
2) How many and which teeth? (Incisors, Canines, Pre-molars, Molars)
3) Which type of precious metal? (Sterling Silver, Gold (10K, 14K, 18K), Platinum)
4) What type of color? (Rose, White, Yellow) 
5) What type of finish? (Polished, Matte, etc.)
6) Design specifics? (Full / Open Face / Gap /etc.)
7) Would you like to set gemstones on them?

• Which type & color?
• How many?
• Where?

8) If you can, please submit a drawing / sketch / picture / image in order to help us understand what type of design you are going for.
9) Do you plan on having any dental work done on your teeth in the near future (this may affect the way they fit later on). We recommend any pending / ongoing dental procedures to be completed before placing a grill order with us to ensure the long term fit of your grillz.