Our Team and Staff

Meet Our Team


In the center of the image Nung Hon Wong or Charlie Wong aka Playboi Charlie is founder, owner, and leading jeweler of Lucky Diamond NY in New York City Chinatown Canal Street
Charlie Wong (owner)

Founder, President and Head Master Jeweler
Specialties: Goldsmithing, Hand-fabrication, and Stonesetting


In the center Chiok Va Sam or Eva Sam aka A$AP is Eva Founder Owner of Popular Jewelry and Co Founder of Lucky Diamond NY and wife of Playboi Charlie New York City Chinatown Canal Street GQ

Eva Sam aka A$AP Eva (wife)
Co - Founder, Chairwoman, Treasurer

William Wong (son)
Vice President
Brand Development & Creative Director (Grillz & Custom Jewelry), E-Commerce, Marketing, and Online Operations
B.S. in Biochemistry and Minor in Fine Arts

Anny Wu Ng (daughter-in-law)
Director of Gemology (GIA Certified), Inventory Quality Assurance / Control