Bespoke / Custom Jewelry

Turning Ideas into Reality Since 1993

With over 25 years of expertise in the industry, our company has crafted many unique quality pieces of fine jewelry for our clients from janitors to superstars. At Lucky Diamond, we take pride in our designs and believe that the path taken to finish each piece is equally important as the jewelry itself. From the moment we cast the molten gold, to moment we apply the polished finish on the piece— not a second of artistic fervor is lost. Our team of specialists will work with you meticulously to design the jewelry you’ve been dreaming of. From nameplates, from belt buckles, to a mouthful of gold and diamond— we will transmute your ideas into precious metals— think of it as our very own King Midas touch.

Design & Create Your Own Jewelry

Generally, we recommend that you consider the following fundamental questions:

1. What type of precious metal are you interested in having the piece made in?

Example: (Platinum, Gold [24K, 22K, 18K, 14K, 10K], Silver)

2. Which color?

Example: (Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold, Black, etc)

• Where?

(All over / Certain parts)

3. Type of texture(s) or polish/finish(es) you'd like on your piece:

Example: Polish Finish, Satin Finish, Brushed Finish, Hammered Finish, Wire Brushed, Sandblasted Finish, etc.

4. The dimensions (can be approximate) of the piece

Example: (Length x Width x Depth) millimeters or inches

5. Gemstones

Yes / No

If Yes:
• What type of gemstone?

Examples of Precious Gemstones: (Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds and Sapphires)

Examples of Other Gemstones: (Garnett, Amethysts, Aquamarine, Pearl, Peridot, Turqoise, Opal, Topaz) You may also contact us about other additional gemstones (too many to list)

• How many?

 Did you want to flood the entire piece? Then you'd want it fully iced

partially iced / or only on certain areas of the jewelry. 

• How large is each gem?

The size of the gem the piece of jewelry can accommodate will depend on two main factors: available area on the piece and the depth / thickness of the precious metal it will be set into. 

• Where would you like them set?

You may choose to highlight certain areas of the jewelry with certain stones based on desired color, intensity / saturation (usually only applies to colored gemstones), clarity, brilliance, or shape.

• How would you like them set?

From the most simple and iconic prong setting to the magical invisible setting, there are many methods of stonesetting styles and methods that can be used to present and secure the stone to the jewelry. 

6. Engraving

Yes / No

• What method of Engraving?

Engraving by Hand: Script / cursive style is highly recommended. Please also be aware that the engraving will have a handwritten look to it.

Engraving by Manual Machine: Font styles are limited to block and script templates and are normally recommended for mostly flat surfaces. 

Engraving by Laser: Any type of surface and almost any type of font is possible but also the most time consuming and expensive method of the three.

• What style of lettering / font?

Example: Block Letter / Script / Old English (laser engraving only) / Custom Logo or Fonts (laser engraving only)

• What should it say?

Example: Dates, Initials, Names, Quotes, etc. (Please be aware of available space permitted by the size of the jewelry you are ordering)

Looking for Grills?

Custom-made grills are as custom as custom pieces get (good luck finding someone with your matching teeth!) To find out more information about having custom gold teeth (Grills) made, you may visit our dedicated page.

Begin the Journey

In order for us to further assist you, we strongly suggest coming to our showroom in NYC's Chinatown. Bring along with you your idea(s) and any relevant models, pictures or sketches of such ideas. In addition, you may call (212) 431-1180 or e-mail us at to submit an inquiry or request a quote. We look forward to creating something special with you.